Handling Negativity

Dealing with negativity or negative thoughts

Today, we will talk about dealing with negativity or negative thoughts. Let’s face it even if you are the most optimistic and positive person in the world sometimes we are faced with negative things or challenges. As a personal anecdote the month of August and September were a huge challenge for me. There were many changes in the personal side along with many road blocks on the professional side.

How do I overcome or deal with challenges? Whenever I have negative thoughts or deal with bad things in my life, I step back and start a new project. I feel that creating a new project gives us hope and that’s just what we need whenever we are in a hole of negativity desperately trying to come out.

For example, I had some challenges on the personal side that were seriously stressing me out. What did I do? I started organizing and making my house pretty. Lately, my house seemed to be paying the consequences of my unbalanced life due to work and other responsibilities.

So I started with the easy part, my backyard! A few years ago I purchased a jacuzzi for my back yard and always thought that a nice gazebo will make it look nice. This idea went to the backburner either because of lack of time and at time funds. Everything else seemed to be taking priority over my precious gazebo. Well guess what?! No more, I researched and actually found a very nice and affordable one. Two clicks online and boom! Gazebo arrived and installed. Decided even to get little lights for it. I recruited my family to set it up and we made a family event out of it. Right now, even though I am still far from where I need to be, the yard feels cozy with that old fashion feel (thanks to the light bulbs).

This pic was from a boomerang from my Instagram! Will take better pics 🙂

My second project is my kitchen. I am emptying out all my cabinets and throwing away all the ugly pots, the tupperware without lids, and yes even the box of unmicrowaved popcorn that has been sitting in the back on my pantry since 2012. Right now, I have snacks and vitamins all over my kitchen counters. So no more! counters should not be used as storage. Therefore, let’s make room in the hundreds of cabinet space I have loaded up with God only knows. I will keep you posted on this progress.

On the professional side, August was a very challenging month for one of our companies. We had many roadblocks, many setbacks, but hey we made it. How did I overcome that negativity? Simple, I looked at the other companies and tried to find something that could be part of the business and that would bring me joy. And like that, the idea to rebrand the company and start teaching continuing education courses to professionals from all levels came about. Those who know me, know that I am a pleaser and a giver by nature. So what a better way than sharing my knowledge with those that want to make this a career or simply brush up on new laws or techniques. The course is taking place this November and is open to all entry level aspiring tax professionals. If you are in the Miami area and would like to be a part of it let me know!

So there you have it. When life starts throwing lemons or tomatoes make sure you turn around and make the best salsa anyone can have. Expand your businesses. Look for a new opportunity. And most definitely look for stuff that will add value to your life and the life of others.

Thank you so much for reading! Let’s catch up soon!

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