Impostor Who?

Have you ever doubted yourself while doing something? Like, who do I think I am for doing this? Do I really think I’m going to fool all these people?

As many of you know, I am embarking on a new career phase which is teaching and mentoring. This, although not completely foreign to me, is still new and it’s very challenging. Let me tell you, putting a course together is no small feat. It takes hours of preparation and promotion, answering questions, and self-doubt.  The latter is what I am currently dealing with.

When I started this project, I had a ton of energy and the project seemed extremely easy to put it into play. Hey, I am a CPA, I know stuff, I can teach stuff! So, the idea was born and I carried on this journey. I couldn’t contain my excitement. I told family and friends, did some videos on Instagram, posted a few things and boom, all of a sudden, I am teaching a course.

After about a month of putting stories and posts together, reality set in. Wow, this is really hard! Hours of preparation go into putting a decent program together. I started doing research and studied other programs out there for ideas and inspiration. Promos are still being handled, email distribution lists and answering many questions. Some people complain about the price, some people complain about the schedule, some people just don’t even answer back! At first, nobody was reserving their spot. So, a lot of disappointment set in. Until one Friday evening, I got my very first purchase. Yay!

After that first purchase, and like a domino effect, many more followed. Look at me now! Teaching people and all. Spaces filled up so quickly after that first credit card transaction that now we are almost at full capacity. I started to feel good again. Started putting together the slides and contacting software providers. Life was good again. Then just like a ton of bricks, reality checked in with me again. Wow, how am I ever going to pull this off? How am I going to stand there and fool these people? Am I really prepared to teach? This, and many other questions are currently dancing in my head this very moment.

If you google “Impostor Syndrome,” you’ll learn this is a very common occurrence in the professional world, especially for women. Defined, impostor syndrome, is the persistent inability to believe that one’s success is deserved or has been legitimately achieved as a result of one’s own efforts or skills. This creates a lot of anxiety and self-doubt. For most of us, it is extremely hard to deal or overcome these feelings and we end up sabotaging or desisting from a project or an idea. Luckily for me, I have practiced a lot of self-awareness and I am very good at articulating my thoughts. I make a list of my accomplishments and talk to family and friends who usually give me that extra boost of confidence I need to pull through.

Currently, I am two weekends away from the first day of my course and I couldn’t be happier that so many people have reached out and booked the course. And, even though self-doubt and anxiety might kick in as the big day approaches, I am confident I will be fine. I am confident my participants will find it of value and I am very confident that this is one of many more courses and workshops.

So, I leave you with an insight on my current situation and how I pull through. And now I wonder, has it ever happened to you? Are you going through it now? Please leave me a comment or email me your stories at Would love to read them and get inspired by them.

Thank you for reading and let’s catch up soon!

Till then,


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