The Juggle is Real

How many of us feel like we go through missions every day? Between kids, work, extra curricular activities and personal life, it feels like we are in this conundrum that we cannot get out of. Leaving the house consists of me with a computer bag, bookbag, kid’s lunch bag, and food bag. By the end of the day we are some version of an exhausted, dehydrated pigeon. If this scenario sounds familiar, let me tell you, you are not alone.

I am a 35 year old, mom of a very active 10 year old, proud dog owner, and entrepreneur. Also, as of the last 6 months, I have been working out with a trainer trying to keep a healthy lifestyle and cooking most of my meals. I also try to keep up with my social and personal life…LOL. Additionally, as if my life wasn’t entertaining enough, I decided to prepare and teach a tax preparation course which is set to begin this Saturday (HELP ME!).

A typical week for me looks like this:

  • Monday– Wake up at 6AM, make breakfast for my daughter and I, pack lunch; sandwich and snacks for my daughter and grab one of my meals prepped the evening before for me. Get dressed (usually a gym outfit) and prep the kiddo’s clothes. Drop her off in school to head straight to work. Luckily, my office is a block away from the school and 10 minutes away from my house. WINNING! Once in the office, I catch up with emails, do some billing, answer whatever request, and have a small snack for good measure. 12PM is gym time and if it’s anything like today; it’s a killer (LEG DAY) followed by some cardio. By 3PM I’m back in the office eating my prepped healthy lunch. At 6PM, I have to go to my mom’s house to pick up my daughter (thanks mommy! You are the best!) and take her to hip hop class. We get to the house around 9PM which gives us enough time to walk and feed the dog, take a quick shower, check homework, and prep food for the next day. By 11PM, the exhausted, dehydrated pigeon mentioned above is in full effect.
  • Tuesday– Wake up at 5AM and repeat all of the above. Except we have to make it to school by 7:20AM for violin practice. The routine remains the same up until 5PM which is the time I have to pick up my daughter at my mom’s house to take her to her SECOND violin lesson. Yep! You heard right, she plays the violin once again in the evening. By 10PM we are usually dead asleep!
The traveling violin
  • Wednesday– Wake up at 6AM and prep, pack, dress, repeat! Office day is usually a bit hectic because it’s billing day. As explained before, I run a very successful logistics company and we cut our cycles on Tuesday evenings, which make Wednesdays billing and square out day for the drivers. This ensures we don’t miss any billable loads so all the boys can get paid by Friday. If you’re in logistics, the main thing is to never mess up on a driver’s pay! Wednesdays are my rest day at the gym (Thank God! No offense trainer). By 6PM I’m at my mom’s house picking up the munchkin to take her to singing lessons. I have a little artist in my hands people, give me a break! We are home again by 9PM and by 11 we are knocked out.
  • Thursday– By today, you guys got my routine down to a science. We are back at the gym at 12PM and office at 3. Phew! By 6:30PM, we have to make sure all the money from the billings came in and process all the direct deposits. I don’t know about you but by Thursday, my energy levels are -20 and I’m operating on fumes. My daughter’s dad usually picks her up on Thursdays which gives me a little time catch up on work and social life.
  • Friday– This is somewhat of my easy day which lately has been blog day and tax prep course day. I have been busy writing and promoting this tax course. Thankfully it is going well. Fridays are also usually movie theater day with my daughter and her friends. If a new kids’ movie came out, you better believe we will be there that Friday with her whole crew!
  • Saturday and Sunday– These days are usually a blur and they go WAY too fast. Between personal time with the beaux, family engagements, and/or friends’ activities these two days fly. Add a little bit of house work and we are right back at Monday (crying on the inside).
Pumpkin carving this past weekend

As you could see, my weeks are full of excitement and activity. For the next 3 weeks I could only imagine, life will get just a bit chaotic as I will be full on teaching mode. I will also keep a diary of how the classes go to keep you updated.

So, I leave you with a glimpse of the craziness of a typical week in my life. And now I wonder, are any of you experiencing something similar? If so, how do you manage to juggle all the aspects of your life? Please leave me a comment or email me your stories at Would love to read them and maybe get ideas on how to improve my routine.

Thank you for reading and let’s catch up soon!

Till then,


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