The Juggle is Real- Part 2

A few weeks ago, I gave you a run-down of my week in the article “The Juggle is Real.” As if life wasn’t crazy enough for me already, (check the link to be part of my madness), this past week was a whirlwind of events that created enormous amounts of work and a slight delay in some of my things. I am writing this article on a Tuesday, instead of the customary Monday. 😊

Many of you know that for the past three weekends I have been teaching a tax course. Although the feedback has been amazing, it has taken a toll on my energy levels. The first weekend of the program, although exhausting, it wasn’t too hard, as my daughter was spending time with her father and it allowed me to focus more on creating and fine-tuning the program. Second weekend came around and it was a bit crazier. Aside from the madness of finishing the program for that week, my daughter decided to plan a school project/play date with her friends on the Saturday I had to present my course. What was she thinking?! Luckily, my mom stepped up to the plate and helped me out with this task. Thanks mom! We finished the weekend with flying colors!

Teaching this past Saturday

Now for the last week of the course, things got a little bit muddier. Last Monday, started as a regular Monday. It was Veterans’ Day so for many people it was a day off. I decided to take a very well-deserved break and the only things on my list were, gym, blog writing, and meeting my friend Nikki for dinner. Monday went by without a hiccup and I was happy I got to do everything I had set out to do.

Dinner with Nikki

Tuesday things became a little crazier. The morning was actually fine. I had set an appointment to meet with an owner operator to start working in our logistics company. The gentleman had a slight delay and we moved the meeting to the afternoon. I was happy about this because I was going to get to the gym on time and was able to do my morning routine without an extra rush. At 4pm we met with the gentleman and everything went great. After we finished the meeting, we get a call from another owner operator that he got stopped at a weight station and needed some urgent paperwork for him to leave. Now I’m not going to bog you down with details on logistics, but let’s just say that dealing with the Department of Transportation is no joke. This little issue carried us well into the night and we were able to prove that this was all a misunderstanding and my owner operator got sent free. This however, created a ripple effect that delayed most of the work going forward.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were a blur. Wednesdays is billing day and Thursday is payroll day. As a company we pride ourselves in always paying on time and this week, despite of the setbacks, was not an exception. On Thursday at around 6:30PM, we finished all the direct deposits and all of our drivers got their money by Friday morning as they normally do. At this point however, I still had not finished my last class for the weekend course nor the final exam. Friday, I woke up extra early and was able to complete my lesson for Saturday and prepared the final exam. Saturday and Sunday went by very fast. Saturday, I spent it all day in class and Sunday was final exam day!

Saturday’s Class

Even though I am glad the course ended and I am looking forward to actually resting on the weekends, I will miss the time with my students dearly. This course has allowed me to grow in so many levels. Not only did I expand my knowledge, it’s amazing the things you discover when you research, it has given me a new perspective in life. Although it is exhausting standing in front of a live class for 6 hours, it is incredible to see people changing in front of your eyes. It is an amazing feeling having your students tell you that they learned so much thanks to you! How much I have inspired them! This course took 90 days to put together, from idea to implementation. To the five students that signed up and completed the program, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for trusting me and giving me your time for the last three weekends. I hope you continue your journey for knowledge. As for me, I am going to continue teaching and continue empowering individuals out there!

My lovely students

So, I leave you with a glimpse of the craziness I dealt with this past week. Boy I am glad it is over! And now I wonder, how was your week? How is your week going so far?  How are you managing to keep it all together? Please leave me a comment or email me your stories at Would love to read them and get inspired by them!

Thank you for reading and let’s catch up soon!

Till then,


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