I waited until today to write and post this article. Many of us go through life without realizing how blessed we really are. We focus on the problem and not the solution. The flaw and not the blessing.

My life is far from perfect. Like you, I deal with a million issues all the time. Sometimes more than others but they always creep in when I think everything starts going ok. However, I also have many things to be thankful for and today, I will tell you all my blessings in hope you can find yours too.

My biggest blessing by far is my daughter. Oh, what joy is she! Let me tell you, having a child, although challenging, is the best experience someone could go through. My daughter is about to be 10. We are dealing with many changes. Her body and mind are changing at the speed of light, we found out she needed glasses and on top of it all, she got a new baby brother on the dad’s side. You can only imagine the amount of drama we go through on a weekly basis. Yesterday I had to listen to her cry over a fight with a friend of hers, over a digital unicorn. Lol! Buckle up ladies and gents, we are in for a bumpy ride. But when I wake up in the morning and she gives me a hug and a kiss, all my troubles go away. That smile charges my batteries right up and it gives me the strength to keep pushing through, to keep going forward. Having a child has transformed me. There’s nothing impossible anymore, because I know I have to set the example. I have had to be strong beyond measure. There have been days that I don’t even know how to get out of bed, but I do. I keep walking and I keep working. So, for her, I am thankful.

My Cookie

Another big blessing in my life has been my boyfriend Vincent. Having gone through a number of bad relationships, I am very thankful I met him. We are not perfect, we are the definition of two imperfect individuals, perfectly made for one another. I met Vincent on a crazy night out. I don’t even think he was supposed to be there. We clicked the minute we met. Instant best friends! It was as if the stars aligned and in a split second, our souls recognized each other. Just like everything in my life, the road with Vincent has not been easy either. He is the epitome of the relationship grinch. He didn’t want a commitment when I met him, no kids, no responsibilities. And poof! He met me. The complete opposite! I come with a kid, a dog, and a house. LOL! Needless to say, there have been and continue to be numerous bumps in the road. But the love for each other is so strong that keeps us coming back. Not giving up! He has allowed me to grow professionally as well as emotionally. With him, I found a new strength. Strength that has allowed me to keep moving, finding new ways. So, for him, I am thankful!

Vincent and I

Last and most definitely not least, I am thankful for my family. I come from this crazy Cuban family. We are loud, nosy, but oh so loving! My mom is my hero. The real MVP. When I am crumbling she steps up to the plate and helps me through. Whether it is watching my daughter while I get some work done or just a shoulder to lean on, Mom has always been there. Unconditionally! My dad is my ear to bounce ideas off of. We share a very similar point of view in certain aspects of life and he’s always there to listen. There are things I have told my dad that many people don’t even know. He never judges and his advice is always on point. The rest of the family, stepdad, brothers, cousins, aunts and uncles, what a great support system you have been! They have been there to lift me up and guide me at one point or another and I know even on the craziest of storms, I will always have a place to call home. So, for them, I am thankful!

Mom and the kiddos
Crazy Cuban Family

While writing this article, I realized my list of blessings could go on forever. I am healthy, have a successful career, have amazing friends, role models, mentors, etc. And in spite of all the challenges I face, I am extremely lucky! So, I am going to invite you to do the same. Not just today because we are celebrating Thanksgiving, but every day. And when you’re gathered with your families and loved ones today, hug them a little tighter.  And if you feel lonely and need someone to reach out to or just to give you a little push in life, write to me at and I will be here to listen.

Thank you for reading and let’s catch up soon!

Till then,

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